MAT BRÖDE - harmonica, piano



& guest(s)....

The most important idea about thismusic is communication between equal voices - harmonica or piano, saxophon or guitar,

bass & drums.

this implies that listening to each other is as important or even more important then playing, without listening there can't be real communication.

in a conversation you need to leave space to the other participants or no one will be heard. in this MUSIK this might also mean that less is more - trying to play less notes and so being able to listen more.

another important thing are the melodies of the tunes. we especially love beautiful melodies if they are authentic.so we have several tunes which might be called "songs" - in the best sense of the word - and on which we only do short improvisations. then we have other tunes which only have something like melodic fragments or sketches as kind of a head. out of these fragments we develop longer but still very melodic improvisations.

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